Webcams Review | A Swing And A Miss For Cam Girl Site

Webcams Review | A Swing And A Miss For Cam Girl Site

Webcams Review | A Swing And A Miss For Cam Girl Site

My experience on was not a good one. Their prices are too expensive, their site is slow and their live streams lag, and their girls are boring. I could say more, but I feel like any one of those three points alone would be enough to keep me away from a webcam chat site. Before we get any further into this review, I feel like I should just say this now: I do not recommend signing up for or using


Signing Up

One thing I noticed about that will probably turn a lot of people off is that you cannot watch their cam girl shows at all unless you are signed up. Most webcam chat sites out there will give non-members access to public shows either fully, for a specified length of time, or at a certain number and only prompt viewers to sign up at regular intervals or when they try to access more features. With, you can’t view anything except the homepage unless you are signed up. I personally do not like this because I feel like I am unable to test the waters or get a taste of what the site will be like before I give them my information. I ended up signing up out of curiosity more than anything else, so maybe that is their plan, but it just seems like a deterrent to me.

My Results

I used for a few weeks, but I wouldn’t really say I had any success with the site. All the shows had a video lag that made them pretty hard to enjoy, and even so, I didn’t find that any of the girls were really “into it” anyway. None of them seems excited or appreciative and that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Even when I paid for full private shows the girls didn’t seem to care much.

  • Watched 27 public shows
  • Watched 4 private shows
  • Was left disappointed by prices and performances
  • Was not impressed with site or speed
  • Will not be returning

The Good

I still think the bad severely outweighs the good on

  • Features Videos & Photos: Basically every webcam chat site has videos and photos on top of its live cam shows, but usually those videos and photos are found within each performer’s profile or chatroom. The one thing I liked about is that they have “Newest Photos” and “Newest Videos” tabs listed in their sidebar navigation so that you can easily find and browse cam girl content other than live shows.

The Bad

There is quite a bit of “bad” to talk about when it comes to, but here are the worst offenders:

  • Too Expensive: I am a man of much experience when it comes to webcam chat sites. I am no stranger to paying for private shows, but for an expensive price point like has, I expect a pretty high quality cam show. I would say, definitively, that none of the cam girl shows I viewed on were worth the price that I had to pay on this site. If it were a lot cheaper, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but bottom line is that is too expensive and its performers are just not good enough for the price you have to pay here.
  • Slow Site Speed & Lagging Video: Every page on loads soooo slooowwwly. And I know it is not my internet, because every other site loads just fine. The slow site speed also means that every live cam show I watched on had a video lag that made it extremely annoying to watch.


I do not recommend joining the site. As I said at the beginning, their prices are too expensive, their site is slow and their live streams lag, and their girls are boring. It’s just not worth it when there are better webcam chat sites out there!

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