Watch Out For These Two Potential Cam Girl Site Scams

Watch Out For These Two Potential Cam Girl Site Scams

Although you do not often encounter scams on webcam chat sites, it is possible, and it is always good to know what they might look like so you can avoid! Listed below, we have the two potential cam girl scams you may encounter. Check them out and learn how to identify them so that you will never be the one who gets scammed!

Pre-Recorded Videos


What Is It: The most common form of cam girl scams is the use of pre-recorded videos. In this scam, someone (most often, a man) will record a cam girl’s show and then use the video later on (most often on a different site) on their own account and pretend that it is a live broadcast. By doing so, they hope to earn tips from the unsuspecting audience.

How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Scam You: If you suspect that the show you are watching is a pre-recorded, here are a few things you can do to find out. Number one, ask the cam girl to do a private show. If she refuses to do a private show, chances are you are watching a pre-recorded show. Private shows are the best ways for cam girls to make money and it makes no sense that they would not want to partake in one. If a cam girl says no to you when you request a private show, you should be very suspicious. The reason they would refuse to do a private show is because they are not actually who they say they are and a live show would reveal the true identity of the scammers. Number two, you can try to catch the scammer in the act by seeing if the live chat matches up to the public show. For example, if the cam girl is showing her feet when no one is requesting that, it is probably a pre-recorded video. If the cam girl has type appearing in the chat but you never see her typing on screen, it is probably a pre-recorded video.

What Can You Do About It: Most sites have a “Report” button located on each cam girl profile. Click this button and report them to the site. The site will investigate and make sure they prove they are who they say they are.

Credit Card Fraud

What Is It: The second most common form of cam girl scams is credit card fraud. In this scam, a cam girl will attempt to get your credit card information so that she can then use it to take out cash advances or make purchases online.

How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Scam You: If a cam girl is asking for you credit card, she is most likely trying to scam you out of money. She may just be new to the world of camming and not know better, but either way there is no other way to tell if a cam girl is trying to scam you with credit card fraud then if she asks you for your credit card information. Every webcam chat site has their own safe and secure system of payment, so if she is asking you to pay her directly, you should be suspicious.

What Can You Do About It: First and foremost: do not give out your credit card number to anyone on cam girl sites. Second, same as with the first type of scam, you can report the cam girl member to the site they are on..

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