Streamate Review | This Site Has Changed My Life!

Streamate Review | This Site Has Changed My Life!

Streamate Review | This Site Has Changed My Life!

I always saw ads for cam girl sites but was always too scared to join them. Porn sites seemed so much safer. I was afraid that a real life girl would make fun of me for not having a girlfriend of my own to do the things she was doing for me. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth, though! I am so glad I chose as my first webcam chat site! It has changed my life for the better and I cannot imagine myself without it anymore. The women I have met on here have all been sexy, kind, caring, and incredibly non-judgemental. They are happy to have me as a client and show me nothing but appreciation.


Signing Up

Sign up on is super easy. I’ve never signed up for a different webcam chat site before so I can’t say if it is the same as other sites, but it seemed super easy to me! You just click where it says “Free Account” and then give them your email address and a few other pieces of information. Oh, and yes—the account you sign up for is actually free! You will only be charged money if/when you decide to buy “gold”. “Gold” are the currency that is used on Streamate to tip and pay cam girls.

My Results

This is what I have been up to with my time so far on

  • 16 Public Shows Experienced
  • 5 Private Shows Experienced
  • 2 Cam To Cam Shows Experienced
  • 4 Cam Models Saved To Favorites List

As soon as I am done writing this review for I will be off to do more playing on, so these results are only going to go up and up and up! Right now I have watched 16 public shows for free (although in my last few I have learned how to finally tip!), watched five private shows (which you pay for by the minute, with the price set by the cam girl you choose), participated in two Cam To Cam shows (same price as the private shows except that now the cam girl can see me as well, instead of me just being able to see her—very sexy), and saved four cam models to my Favorites list (saved so that I can always find their profiles again at a later date).

The Good

I have been so happy with my experience on Streamate! Here is a list of all the things I can think of off the top of my head that have impressed me the most about this site. This probably doesn’t even come close to covering everything, but it should be a good start…

  • Amateurs + Professionals: One of the things I really love about Streamate is that they have a solid mix of both complete amateurs and professional pornstars doing live broadcasted shows on their site. Both types of performers have their own unique advantages, so it’s great to check them both out!
  • High Definition Video + Audio:Streamate is set up to deliver you only the highest quality video and audio broadcasts so that the shows you are watching are never blurring, pixelated, or lagging. The only time those things will ever happen is if a) you have a terrible personal internet provider, or b) the performer has a bad quality webcam (this is rarely the case though, as models know they will be badly rated by members if they have bad technical quality).
  • Online Model Alerts: When you save a Streamate cam model to your favorites list, you will also be given the option to receive alerts whenever they are online. If you choose to do this, you will be send a notification any time your favorite models are performing live so that you can get online and watch if you are available and so choose.
  • Multiple Languages: Streamate is available in eight different languages. I only need English, but it is a good strong point to note for others who may be reading this review and who may have English as a second language.
  • Safety + Security: Streamate has a whole legal document dedicated to safety and security and if you are a member of the site, you are automatically covered by it. To save you the time of hunting it down and reading it yourself, it basically says this: Streamate will not sell, trade, or give your personal or financial information to anyone outside their trained staff. Streamate uses 100% encrypted transactions between their site and the sites of their credit card processors, so you don’t have to worry about leaked information. Streamate only bills their customers under generic names and descriptions so that you are never exposed to anyone who may see or find your credit card bills.
  • Quality Customer Service: You can contact Streamate’s customer service 24/7 via online chat, phone call, or email message.


The Bad

Perhaps someday in the future I will find something to put in this category, but as it stands right now… I have nothing bad to say about Streamate at all! I cannot see any reason why someone would not like or join this site and really have nothing to write here.

Tips For Success

I haven’t been doing this whole cam girl site thing for very long, so I don’t know if I have the best tips, but here is what I would tell any other newbie starting out with webcam chat sites:

  • Be A Gentleman: Do you like to deal with rudeness, lewdness, and disrespectfulness? No, of course you don’t. And neither do cam girls. It may seem weird, but I promise you that when you are on webcam chat sites, “nice guys” definitely don’t “come last”. You would be amazed how far you will get with a “please”, a “thank you”, and a small tip.
  • Use The Site Features: Streamate is set up with a lot of features that are there to make your experience the best it can be. I highly recommend exploring the site in full and getting a hang of all the tools that are available to you so that you can use the site to its full potential.

Useful Approaches

Here is something that I did that I think would count as a useful approach. You don’t need to do it in order to be successful, so it didn’t belong in the last section, but I did find it very useful in having a more fulfilling experience:

  • Try Out Lots Of Cam Girls: Get some variety! A lot of guys find one cam girl and get so overwhelmed with how great the whole process is that they never move on to any other performers. I need to stress to you how much more you will get out of Streamate if you don’t do this. There are over 1000+ cam models online at any given time and there are over 30 categories to browse. There is no excuse for sticking with one or two models when there are so many to experience.


If you are here on this site truly looking for the top webcam chat sites, then I whole-heartedly recommend! This site has changed my life—I am more confident, less self-conscious, and even a happier person overall. Streamate has been everything I needed it to be and more.