Stop Being That “BB” Guy

Stop Being That “BB” Guy

If there is one thing that cam girls hate to see in their public chat rooms, it is the guys who cannot stop saying “bb”. Do not be that guy. They hate it. You can find countless videos online of cam girls talking about their biggest pet peeves and annoyances and while they all differ from girl to girl, they almost all include the dreaded “bb guys”. You may think this is weird—to hate a simple phrase so much—but the term “bb” and the viewers who use it have come to mean something differently entirely to the women who work as cam girls. Here in this blog entry we will explain further and give you everything you need to know about this phenomenon.

What The Heck Does “BB” Mean?


If you are new to the world of webcam chat sites and internet lingo, it makes sense that you would not know what “bb” means. Essentially, “bb” is just a short version of “baby”. And, in this particular scenario, we are talking “baby” as in the cute pet name you give women that you admire, not “baby” as in the infant version of humans. The use of “bb” on webcam chat sites has become overwhelmingly and inexplicably popular. Most often, you will find it at the end of a short comment or demand, such as: “nice ass, bb”, “bend over, bb”, “your so sexy, bb”, or “show feet, bb”.

Why Can’t I Say It?

It is not so much that you can’t say it, but more so that you will not want to say it, once you know what cam girls think of the viewers who use the term. Listen: we can’t make these decisions for you. We can’t make you say anything you do not want to say or not say anything that you do want to say. All we can do is give you information and let you do what you want with it.

Why Do Cam Girls Hate It?

Somewhere along the line, the members who were using the term “bb” merged with the members who like to make demands of cam girls without paying them or tipping and then getting volatile when their demands aren’t met. So now, the kind of members that cam girls associate with saying “bb” are the same ones they associate with quickly switching to “ugly bitch” or “stupid slut” when they say no to their bb-fied demands. Even now, if a nice guy uses a term “bb”, a cam girl will automatically assume he is the worst.

What Can I Say Instead?

Just say “baby”! That, or you can say any number of other cute pet names: babe, honey, sweetie, gorgeous, cutie… anything you can think of! You can also always just call a cam girl by her screen name or her real name (if she shares that information), too.

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