Step #9: Staying Focused On Cam Girl During Public Webcam Chats

Step #9: Staying Focused On Cam Girl During Public Webcam Chats

Public webcam chats can be a bustling online environment, so it can be tough to stay completely focused on the cam girl who’s performing, but we can help. We have a few tips to help keep you focused on the task at hand, and how to ignore all of the other users who are trying to get her attention too. Once you know how to tune the rest out, your experience with webcam chats will be the greatest that they can possibly be. Our tips are pretty easy and straight-forward, but sometimes it helps to be reminded of things, so without further ago, here are our four top tips on staying focused on the cam girl during public webcam chats.

Turn Up The Sound

The other users who are watching the video aren’t communicating with the cam girl or each other using audio, they’re typing out text, so if you can, turn up the volume of the cam girl to block out the constant chatter. Having the volume louder so that it captures your full attention will take away those other distractions a lot more than you might think. We’re hard-wired to use those senses, to if you overwhelm one of your main ones on purpose (with sexy audio), then you’ll find it much easier to ignore the other users on there. You also have the option of muting the notifications of other members sending messages, so do that too. This way, you’ll never have to be notified when another viewer of webcam chats send the cam girl a message, you can just work on focusing on her and enjoying the show that she’s putting on.

Ignore The Other Comments

Similar to the previous point, just try to ignore what the other members are doing and saying. You have no real reason to pay them any attention during public webcam chats, so try not to. You do have the option to mute their message notifications, so if you can find where to do that then do so! Use other distraction tactics that usually work for you too – have something else on the in the background, or make the webcam chats full screen so that you’re solely seeing the cam girl and what she’s doing, and not seeing any of the feed from the other users. This is probably easier said than done but there are ways to avoid becoming too distracted by other people who are using public webcam chats at the same time as you.

Talk To Her

One of the key factors in the enjoyment of webcam chats is the participation from the audience. Cam girls feed off of their users and tippers, so get involved in webcam chats whenever you can! It’s totally normal not to feel completely comfortable doing so right away, especially during your first public show, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. There are few things worse to a cam girl than a guy who watches webcam chats, but doesn’t say anything or participate. This is the only place where you can actively be a part of the porn that you’re watching so take advantage of the opportunity!

Being able to provide feedback and make requests of a sex performer is completely unique to webcam chats, and is probably one of the things that appealed to you about using them over other kinds of porn, so don’t be scared to do it. Take the plunge and tell the cam girl how much you like what she’s doing, and maybe even put in a request for something that you’d to see. Your odds of having your request filled goes up big time if you follow it up with a tip!

Use During Off-Peak Times

One of the best and easiest ways to avoid getting distracted by other users of webcam chats is to use the sites when they aren’t busy. Weeknights tend to be slower in terms of site traffic, so you can have a cam girl mostly to yourself for a while! She’ll be performing with you in mind and her focus will also be on you and your enjoyment of the show, so it’s always better to try and visit these sites when they aren’t super busy.

It’s also better to use webcam chats during slower times because it makes the site itself work faster. With fewer people using the site bandwidth, your cam girl video will load and play better and will encounter fewer potential technical issues because the site isn’t being bogged down with a ton of other traffic. You’ve probably noticed this kind of thing on other sites, even porn tube sites – when it doesn’t seem like as many people are trying to play videos and make purchases, the videos load faster and don’t glitch. It’s the same thing for webcam chats. Fewer people not only means fewer technical issues for you, but it also means a better opportunity to focus on the cam girl at hand and not be distracted by other users. Log onto these sites at a bunch of different times throughout the week to gauge when it seems to be busiest and when traffic to the site seems to lull. You want to try and use them only during these slower times in order to maintain your focus. If you’re someone who gets easily distracted by background noise, this is the best possible way for you to use webcam chats.

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