SexChatVIP Review | A Far Cry From A VIP Experience!

SexChatVIP Review | A Far Cry From A VIP Experience!

SexChatVIP Review | A Far Cry From A VIP Experience! Who doesn’t want to be treated like a VIP, right? Well, being on SexChatVIP is a far cry from any VIP experience I could have imagined. There is nothing special about SexChatVIP. Nothing at all that would suggest to me that you are getting an experience that differs from that of any other webcam chat site online.


Signing Up

You just need your email address to sign up, although it is a rookie move if you use your regular, personal email address. I know this because I myself was a rookie when I joined SexChatVIP and now my email storage is almost at capacity with all the messages in my spam folder. I don’t recommend that you join at all, but if you join any kind of cam girls site, I would highly recommend creating a new email account for the soul purpose of signing up. Just to be safe. Oh, I think you can sign up using Google, too (like, if you have a gmail account or whatever), but again… I would make a new account before I used it to sign in or I assume you would still be in the same position. In conclusion, I guess I would say that sign up is easy and fine, but that’s not really what I want the focus of this review to be about.

My Results

I found all the cam girls on SexChatVIP to be completely average and unimpressive. Certainly, none of the ladies I encountered cared about making my experience a VIP one. Before I say anymore, here are my stats from my time on

  • 22 public shows watched
  • 7 private shows watched
  • 7 private shows paid for
  • 13 tips given in public shows

I guess the girls on SexChatVIP just know they can get away with not doing much and still making money or something, because no matter how many different cam girls I visited, they all seemed to have the same attitude. None of the girls in public shows would even get partly naked most of the time, and they never performed any of my requests, even when I tipped them well! I thought private shows might be better, since SexChatVIP makes you pay a pretty hefty fine by the minute, but none of these girls seemed to care about what I wanted either! They would be naked, sure, but they didn’t take any time to talk to me or find out what I was looking to see or get out of the experience. They just kind of did their own thing and assumed I would like it. It was boring, annoying, and dismissive.

The Good

Okay, so here is what I have to say about “the good” on Sex Chat VIP. It is not a lot, but it is something.

  • Layout & Navigation: has a layout that is very intuitive and easy to understand. Everything you need to use the site is along the top banner area: different cam show categories (like asian, bbw, couples, teens, fetish, etc.), a simple search bar and a link to the advanced search, pull-down menus for sorting your results by features (HD, audio, etc.), location, or language, and more. I never had a problem with how to site layout looked and functioned or how the site navigation worked. It’s just the girls themselves that I think suck.

The Bad

I really just think that SexChatVIP is a bad site, overall. I found it a waste of time and money, which is a pretty big no-no when it comes to webcam chat sites.

  • Terrible Performers: See “My Results” above if you haven’t already. The performers on SexChatVIP do NOT treat you like a VIP and hardly care about you at all!
  • Too Much Spam: I can handle a few spammy newsletters a couple times a month or whatever, but as I said above, since signing up for SexChatVIP my spam folder has been overwhelmed with messages that I have to constantly be deleting in order to have room in my inbox.


In conclusion, I would not recommend as a site to join. I found my experience to be a waste of time and money, and I will not be continuing to use it.


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