SexCamly Review | Scam Alert! Do Not Trust This Site!

SexCamly Review | Scam Alert! Do Not Trust This Site!

SexCamly Review | Scam Alert! Do Not Trust This Site!

I don’t know about you, but I have never wanted to be a cam model. I just want to look at them! If you are on SexCamly though they try to make you do it. They are always trying to convert members into new performers when all we want to do is be online looking at cam girls! I’m not even good looking… I don’t know why they would even want me to be a model for them. I guess they have nothing to lose by adding as many performers as they can, but… okay, I’m getting off track. There is a lot that I don’t like about, but this was definitely something I wanted to open with because of how off-putting I found it.


Signing Up

All you need to sign up for SexCamly is a username, a password, an email address, a birthday, and a gender. You also have to agree to their Terms and Conditions, which I never read, but I probably should have. Right there in the Terms and Conditions, SexCamly admits to recording cam girl shows and using them to “enhance user experience”. What this really means is that you are being scammed by this site and that you have agree to let it happen (by saying that you agree to the Terms and Conditions when you sign up). Not only is this a SexCamly scam, but it is also just a shitty move on their part.

My Results

I gave up on SexCamly pretty soon after I realized most of the “live” performances I was watching were actually pre-recorded shows. Private shows are still live (it would be hard to fake that!), but those cost more money than I can spend all the time. If I am going to continue to be a member on a webcam chat site, I need to be able to enjoy their private AND public cam girl shows. Anyway… here are my results:

  • Number of Public Shows I Watched: 19
  • Number of Private Shows I Watched: 9
  • Number of Shows I Suspected Were Pre-Recorded: 14
  • Number of Times SexCamly Asked Me To Become A Performer: 47

The Good

I do not really have anything good to say about SexCamly. I spend almost all my time on this site being annoyed and wondering if everything I was watching was fake. I do not think anyone should join If I have to say something though, I will say this:

  • Easy To Use: Even though there is a big SexCamly scam and the site itself is mostly pre-recorded videos, SexCamly is very simple and easy to use. It is never confusing or difficult to figure out and it is very user-friendly with easy navigation.

The Bad

On SexCamly there is a lot of bad. They are a site built on trying to scam you and make you spend money on private shows because of their pre-recorded public shows. Here are my two biggest peeves:

  • Pre-Recorded Videos: uses pre-recorded videos and pretends that they are live performances. This is a scam, plain and simple.
  • Won’t Stop Trying To Recruit Members To Be Performers: I guess they don’t have enough performers on (maybe that’s why they use so many pre-recorded videos?) or something, but I just want to watch cam girls, not become a performer! There is no way to turn off the notifications for this and it is EXTREMELY annoying and invasive.

There is probably so much more I could say if I had stayed on SexCamly longer, but honestly these two things alone are enough to make me want to steer clear of this site forever.


SEXCAMLY IS A SCAM! Do not join this site if you are looking for a webcam chat site that you will actually like, enjoy, and trust. SexCamly is not worth the small amount of enjoyment you can get out of it when there is so many sites out there that have great content and performers and are not trying to scam you. Just stop and reread what I have written here today if you are still considering joining

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