OCams Review | This Site Will Sell Your Information!

OCams Review | This Site Will Sell Your Information!

OCams Review | This Site Will Sell Your Information!

I used to go on webcam chat sites all the time, but after a big fight with my wife (where she told me she would leave me if I ever went on one again) I stopped visiting them… until recently. OCams showed up as an ad on another site I was on one day and I just couldn’t resist. I had to check it out. Five minutes later I was signed up to be a member and they had all my personal and credit card information. OCams likes to pretend that it is a regular and decent webcam chat site, but in reality it is just a front for getting your personal information to sell. Within a week I was getting spam emails faster than I could delete them and I was starting to get physical mail to my house! OCams.com sold my information. They sold it to companies who started spamming me. They had my name. They had my email address. They had my billing address because of my credit card! It didn’t take long for my wife to find out what I had done. We are now in the middle of our divorce proceedings and I am living in a shitty apartment downtown with no furniture. My life is ruined all because OCams can’t keep information to themselves and chooses to make a profit by selling off their member information. Screw this site and everything it stands for.


Signing Up

Signing up is easy. Too easy. It requires such little effort that you almost don’t even realize what you are doing… which is very dangerous! Not once did I stop to think about the fact that this site now had all the basic information they needed to set me up for endless spamming, scamming, and hassles.

My Results

I only used OCam.com for a few nights before the spam started. After that I cut off my usage because I was scared it would make it worse. Plus, now I had to put all my energy into hiding all of this from my wife. Here is my best guess for my results:

  • Approx. 6 public shows viewed.
  • Approx. 3 private shows viewed.
  • 1 credit card sign up.
  • Endless spam.
  • 1 divorce in process.

The Good

I really do not think that I should give anyone reading this any reason to think OCams is worth joining every, at all, for any reason. But, out of respect for the reviewing process, I will give one point here for the “good” section. I would like to say again though that I DO NOT think this redeems anything that OCams has done and that it is not a good enough reason to join this site for any reason!!

  • Variety: I guess OCams.com has a good variety of cam girls performing. Although I didn’t find any of the cam girls particularly exciting or enthusiastic, I did like that OCams had a lot of different categories to choose from on the homepage so that you could check out a variety of different shows.

The Bad

Everything about OCams.com is bad. EVERYTHING.

  • It’s A Scam: OCams took my information and sold it to third party companies in order to make money. That is called a scam, my friend. Now I receive spam everyday, both online and in my real life mailbox. My wife saw the spam, knew what I had been up to, and made the decision to divorce me.
  • Non-Existent Customer Service: No matter how much I called and emailed and tried using the site to contact them, I could never get in contact with anyone who worked there. I am literally still getting daily spam and I don’t know how to stop it!


I would not wish my OCams.com nightmare on my worst enemy. My life has been turned upside down for no good reason and there is nothing I can do about it. This site is nothing but a scam looking to steal your information and sell it to the highest bidder (or any bidder that wants it, I’m thinking). Save yourself some trouble and steer clear of OCams.com!

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