Step #4: How To Navigate Free Webcam Chat Sites

Step #4: Navigating Free Webcam Chat Sites

Interactive porn in the form of free webcam chat sites are revolutionizing the porn industry. There’s good reason for men like you to be flocking to these kinds of sites – you can personalize your experience to get exactly what you want, when you want it! However, the sites themselves can take some getting used to. Cam sites are a little bit different then your average porn site. There’s usually a lot going on, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you first click onto the site. It’s really just a matter of getting used to a new layout, which is very much worth doing because they’re the newest and best kind of porn around right now! Free webcam chat sites may look confusing at first glance, but they’re much simpler once you start looking around. Here are some tips on doing just that.

Check Out The Girls

You have your choice of any cam girl you want on the site, so don’t just settle for the first one you see. Take some time to browse around the site and check out the talent! A lot free webcam chat sites will have teaser vids of the cam girls so you can get an idea of their cam style and what they’re like before you choose. The best part about free webcam chat sites is that they almost always have a free public cam show happening at all times. This means that you can watch a cam show and see if you like that cam girl before you request a private show with her. It gives the people who use free webcam chat sites a chance to assess their girls and see what’s in store for your time on the site! Cam girl ratings are common on most free webcam chat sites as well, so if you’re curious about a particular cam girl’s skills, check out her rating and go from there.

Figure Out The Currency

Even though they’re free to use, most free webcam chat sites will have their own form of in-site currency in place for users to tip the cam girls or purchase private shows. These different currency exchanges are in place to prevent you from giving your credit card information directly to the cam girls, and drastically minimizes your odds of getting scammed. You have the option to purchase certain amounts of these currencies (most often tokens) using your credit card, and then you just use the tokens on the site going forward. Once you’ve figured out how it all works, and decided whether or not you’re comfortable using it, you’re ahead of the game in terms of understand how free webcam chat sites work. Billing for free webcam chat sites is discreet as well, so you don’t have to worry about your token purchases being a glaring charge on your credit card bills. If you get caught using free webcam chat sites, it won’t be because of them! Your privacy is definitely a concern for the makers of these sites, which they take very seriously.

Look At The Features

All free webcam chat sites have special features, but not all of them are the same. A lot of them are more common then others, so you will see some overlap, but there are unique ones on them as well. For instance, pretty much all free webcam chat sites have a free public cam show happening, which we mentioned above. This is great for you for a lot of reasons! The most obvious being a free show as soon as you visit the page! But there are more possibility in terms of features that you’ll come across as well. Some free webcam chat sites have audio chat capabilities, so you can talk to your cam girl during a private show, not just text! This is a more rare feature of free webcam chat sites, but it’s a really cool one. You want to make sure that of all the free webcam chat sites you look at, you pick one that has features that you like the best. It does play a huge factor in how much you enjoy using the site, so don’t underestimate how essential good features on free webcam chat sites can be.

Assess The Traffic

One of the great things about free webcam chat sites is that you can see the site traffic as you’re using it. This means that you can see how many other people are using the site at the same time as you, which may impact what time of day you ultimately decide to use them. The more people who use a site’s bandwidth at one time, the slower the site tends to be, and with a cam site, that’s the last thing you want to happen. Nobody wants lagging video or glitches during a live cam chat so try and plan your usage around the times when traffic to the site seems to be less. Another reason you want to assess the traffic while your figuring your way around free webcam chat sites is that the more people who are visiting, the better site quality is. Busy sites mean popular sites, and popular means they’re doing something right. This is one easy way to take the guess work out of whether or not one of the many free webcam chat sites that you’re checking out is a good one. If a lot of other people are using it too, then chances are it’s one of the better ones.

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