How To Tell Which Cam Girls Are Worth Taking Private

How To Tell Which Cam Girls Are Worth Taking Private

Public cam girl shows are fun and all, but private shows are where the real good times are at! Find out how to tell if a cam girl is worth a private show. Taking the wrong cam girl into a private cam show

Watch Her And Make Sure You Are Attracted To Her

Obviously the first thing that you want to cover is to make sure you are attracted to the cam girl that you choose. What is the point of going into a private show with a cam girl you are not attracted to? Of course, if you are looking for an unattractive girl to serve some kind of purpose in your sexual fantasies, then look for that! Just make sure you that you find the kind of girl, visually, that you would like to see perform a private cam show.

Talk To Her And Make Sure You Like Her

A lot of men make the mistake of taking a cam girl private after simply watching her for a minute or two, only to realize in their private show that they hate her personality, her attitude, or even her laugh. Make sure you take some time to talk to a cam girl during her public chat and see how she interacts with viewers before you take her into a private show.

Check Her Bio To Ensure She Does The Kind Of Shows You Want

Checking out a cam girl’s bio is often the fastest and easiest way to see what kind of shows she is most familiar and comfortable with. It will also generally tell you what kind of shows she will not do as well. If you want a pretty tame and/or regular type of cam show, you should not have any trouble with this. However, if you have a specific fetish or kink or would like her to perform a specific act, then you will definitely want to make sure she is up for it. If she doesn’t have it listed as a definite yes or a big no-no in her bio, then make sure to ask her first.

Make Sure She Has The Proper Attire/Equipment For What You Want

If you can only get off to girls who are wearing a schoolgirl outfit, then you better make sure that she has a schoolgirl outfit on hand before you take her into a private show. If you want to see a strip show on a pole, then you better make sure you find a cam girl with a stripper pole in her place. You get the point, right? If you know that what you want to see in a private show involves a specific look, outfit, or piece of equipment, make sure that the cam girl you are interested in has what she needs to satisfy you before you take her into a private show.

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