How To Tell If You Have An Addiction To Web Cam Girls

How To Tell If You Have An Addiction To Web Cam Girls

Do you think you might have an addition to web cam girls? Check out’s list below and see if anything on it sounds familiar to you. If these points resonate as true, then chances are you have a cam girl addiction. And for the ladies out there, we know that the world tends to think of sex and porn addictions as ailments of men, but women can be just as prone to webcam chat and cam girl addiction! If you are a woman reading this post, all the same point apply, except you would replace “cam girl” with “cam boy” (unless you are a lesbian… then it is exactly the same). Read on…

Your Work Is Affected

Think about what you do for a living… your career… your job… how you make money. Are you still doing it as effectively as you always have? Those who have an addiction to porn or cam girls are often distracted by the thought of getting home and getting online and find themselves being less productive or doing subpar work. Those with office job are at an even higher risk because the desire to open up a webcam chat site at their desk is all too tempting. No matter what your work environment, porn and cam girl addiction can get you fired.

Your Relationships Are Affected

Think about the relationships you have in your life: your friends… your family… your spouse… your children… do you find that your connections with them have been affected by your use of cam girl sites? Are you spending less time with your children? Are you keeping secrets from your friends? Has your physical relationship with your spouse changed for the worse? If your relationships have taken a negative turn because of your use of cam girl sites, you may have an addiction.

You Choose Cam Girls Over Other Events And Activities

We’re not talking about your cousin’s best friend’s Superbowl party here. We’re talking about activities that are lifetime milestones, annual events that you have never missed, and special occasions that you would have never dreamed of blowing off before. If you are ditching your kid’s first little league game to watch a cam girl, you may have an addiction. If you are skipping your annual boys weekend fishing trip, you may have any addiction. If you didn’t RSVP to your sister’s wedding because you think you’d rather be at home watching the screen, you may have an addiction.

You Choose To Spend Money On Cam Girls Before Necessities

Listen, if you are putting off paying rent or buying groceries because you need that money to spend on your favorite cam girls, it is a pretty good sign that you are addicted. If you are spending more money than you have on something you don’t need, chances are you are addicted to that thing.


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