Step #7: How To Maintain A Dirty Webcam Chat With A Cam Girl

Step #7: Maintaining A Dirty Webcam Chat

Now that you’ve requested your private webcam chat and made it clear to your cam girl that you want it dirty, learn how to maintain that dirty webcam chat! It takes a little bit of extra effort to keep things going and consistently dirty, but if you can do it, it’s beyond worth it. This step in our guide will give you the tools and advice that you need to make this happen! If you’re paying for a dirty webcam chat experience, then you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth and having the best show possible. Don’t leave it completely up to your cam girl to guess what you want either – be involved and take charge of your sexual satisfaction during your next dirty webcam chat.

Tell Her What To Do

Act like the director of your own porno and tell your cam girl what to do. Give her specific direction and have her to do what you say – it’s the ultimate dirty webcam chat scenario. Telling your cam girl what to do keeps both of you in the mood and keeps her guessing, which is ideal because she won’t get bored. Cam girls have to come up with all kinds of sexy scenarios for their dirty webcam chat customers, so if you take out the need for planning by telling her yourself, she can just sit back, follow along and enjoy the experience with you. This is an especially sexy way to keep the mood hot if you’re on a more specialized cam site that focuses mainly on BDSM scenarios – you immediately become the dominant to her submissive. It doesn’t have to be one of those specific sites either, as long as you and your cam girl agree ahead of time on that being the theme of your dirty webcam chat session. The possibilities are endless with this kind of play, so maintain a sexy atmosphere won’t be hard to do!

Give Her Feedback

Let your cam girl know when she’s doing something that you like. Don’t keep her guessing – be vocal about what you enjoy. Likewise if you aren’t liking something that she’s doing, tell her. This is especially essential if your first dirty webcam chat together so she gets a good idea of what you like and what you don’t like – useful information if you plan on becoming a repeat visitor! It’s always nice to be encouraged; she’s going to be vocal with you, very much so! So return the favor and praise her for a job well done. If you want to show the ultimate form of appreciate to a cam girl (and you should) then do so with a tip. It’s a good habit to get into doing; it’s better then tipping all at once at the of a dirty webcam show, because it acts as feedback at the same time, so it’s a great way to communicate with the cam girl you’re chatting with. Tipping when a cam girl does something pleasing is the best form of positive feedback that you can give, so don’t forget that during your dirty webcam chat!

Use Dirty Talk

Once you’re in the midst of a dirty webcam chat show, it’s ok to let loose with the dirty talk. The mood has been set and so have the expectations for what’s happening, so keep things sexy with dirty exchanges with your cam girl. All bets are off at this point for dirty talk so get creative and keep the mood hot! Depending on what the scenario is that you two have chosen as the basis for your dirty webcam chat session, you have endless possibilities for things that you can dirty talk about. Have you ever had an entire conversation that was entirely dirty? Well you’re about to find out just how incredibly easy it actually is to do. As long as it goes with the mood of the dirty webcam chat, name calling is totally okay too. In fact, sometimes it’s preferred! Some cam girls like to take things to the next level with this kind of talk, so if you’re willing to play along, you might just have your eyes opened to a whole new world of dirty talk!

If there’s a particular direction that you want the dirty talk to take, let your cam girl know that too. Maybe you like to be humiliated and talked down to by women, but have been too afraid to have any girlfriends do that for you. A cam girl is the perfect person to do this for you. Don’t hold back!

Keep Her Interested

This has been said, but it’s important enough to bear repeating – tipping is the best form of communication with a cam girl that you can do! It serves several purposes on cam sites, and can always be given during a dirty webcam chat. Never underestimate how well giving tips throughout a cam show will keep a cam girl interested in performing for you, so if you want to keep her attention focused solely on you and your dirty webcam chat, dole out the tips! Cam girls reserve their maximum efforts and best performances for their good tippers, so you’ll also never feel like you’re paying for less than what you’re getting. You’ll be left feeling like the dirty webcam chat show that you just got was well worth the money spent on tipping the cam girl who did it for you.

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