Step #3: How To Have Webcam Chat Sex: Getting Busy Over The Web

Step #3: How To Have A Webcam Sex Chat

Have you ever thought about having sex over webcam? How about using cam sites? Why not combine both and use a webcam sex chat? You definitely wouldn’t be the only one; it’s becoming one of the most popular ways that men use these sites! Having sex over the internet is extremely common, and not as difficult as you’d think. Here’s how to have a webcam sex chat that guarantees satisfaction. These are just a few tips to get you into the right mood and mindset before you start your webcam sex chat, to make sure that you get everything you want out of it.

Set The Mood

Set yourself up in a room where you have privacy, and minimize the lighting. Get into a comfortable position, and put on anything that you usually do when you have your sessions. You want to be in the right mood for a webcam sex chat so if you need to, browse the site for a bit before you start your chat with a cam girl. Foreplay is key, but if you’re by yourself and using a webcam sex chat, then you want to get yourself going before you start. Your inhibitions are more likely to be lowered if you’re properly in the mood, and it’ll make things all the more sexy when you do start your webcam sex chat with a cam girl. Don’t be nervous, it may be your first time, but it most definitely isn’t hers. If you think you might need some extra courage, then have a drink or two before you start your webcam sex chat, just don’t get belligerent or drunk – nothing that would make your webcam sex chat less than fantastic for you and the cam girl that you choose. You want to enjoy it, so don’t go nuts.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you get into anything majorly sexy in a webcam sex chat, make sure you have everything that you need first. Let’s not beat around the bush here, you need clean up supplies and lubricant, so save yourself the trouble of having to leave the webcam sex chat to get them and have them at the ready before you even start. It’d be awkward and completely kill the mood if you had to pause the session to run and grab some lube, so don’t do it. Get everything that you know you’ll need (you should know what these things are from solo experience) and have them at your side so that you don’t have to get up and leave for any reason during the webcam sex chat. Imagine you were in the middle of fooling around with someone, and they told you to wait while they go and “freshen up”. It’s not very sexy and dampens the mood. The same thing goes for a webcam sex chat. Don’t leave it, because you might also lose your cam girl time if you do. If you absolutely have to pause the webcam sex chat for any reason, let her know so that she knows not to log off on you and move on.

Choose A Cam Girl


The most important aspect of your webcam sex chat – the cam girl! Browse around the site a bit and choose a cam girl that you really like. You don’t have to pick the first one you see; take the time to read their profiles and see what they’re all about – what they specialize in, what they will and won’t do – everything that you might need to know to impact your webcam sex chat decision! If you’re in the mood for a particular kind of girl, or feeling kinky, then the cam girl that you pick will have a major role in how well the webcam sex chat goes. If she isn’t fitting what you had in mind, then you made a poor decision and should’ve looked around more! Rash decisions aren’t the worst with a webcam sex chat, but not taking the time to find someone who fits perfectly with what you’re in the mood for might make the webcam sex chat less than you had hoped it would be. Avoid this happening and pick the best cam girl for your mood at the time!

Participate In The Show

Just like with any cam show, you can’t leave it all up to the cam girl. She’ll get bored, you’ll get bored, and it won’t be the sexiest possible experience. Always participate in the show, especially a webcam sex chat. If you weren’t up for chatting with a cam girl, then you should have just chosen a porn site and been done with it. Webcam sex chats take things to the next level with cam girls, so make sure you’re both having a good time. Make requests of her, “direct” her if that’s your style, but don’t not say anything while you watch. Cam girls tend to be put off by this kind of cam customer, so the quality of your show might lack if you start becoming one of those customers. Keep things sexy and talk dirty if you can’t think of anything else to say. Encourage your cam girl and let her know that you’re loving the webcam sex chat that you’re having by telling her and tipping her. Never underestimate the power of a tip – you might get her to do things that she only reserves for VIP customers. Make yourself that VIP!

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