Step #6: How To Ask Cam Girls For A Kinky Sexy Webcam Chat

Step #6: How To Ask For A Sexy Webcam Chat

Everybody knows what a cam site is all about and what you’re going to see when you go to them – hot, naked ladies playing with themselves, more often then not. When you sign on to a cam girl site, chances are you’re looking for some hot action. It’s a great place to be for just that, and it’s even better because you’re a part of it instead of just a spectator! But before you can get that action, you have to find a cam girl, and ask her for a kinky, sexy webcam chat. Asking for a sexy webcam chat isn’t quite the same as requesting a private webcam chat, so here’s how to get the naughty times started with a cam girl.

Be Specific

When you’re requesting your sexy webcam chat, give your cam girl an idea of what you’re after. Tell her what you want and what the chat will be about so that she can not only decide if she’s up for it or not, but she can get everything that she needs to get ready for it. Making specific requests of a cam girl if preferred for them because it takes out any guesswork about what you might want to see. They can still try different things that they think you’ll like, but it helps tremendously in her performance and your enjoyment if you tell her exactly what you like. Not every cam girl likes to do every thing so giving her a heads up on what to expect from you is the best way to ask for a sexy webcam chat. If the one you’re asking isn’t down for what you want, then she can still recommend someone to you who is. You can’t lose by being very open about your likes and wants for a sexy webcam chat!

Talk Dirty

You’re having a sexy webcam chat, so don’t forget to talk dirty! Try and be creative with your dirty talk too, cam girls have heard all of the cliche lines, so the more you can keep her on her toes and entertain her, the better. Keep things respectful at this point still, because you’re only at the request stage of the sexy webcam chat journey, so being too sexually aggressive to a cam girl before she agrees to a show can be off putting and work against you. Keep the language sexy, but try not to use derogatory terms until you’ve gotten into a rhythm during a sexy webcam chat, never before. Also keep in mind that not every cam girl responds well to all kinds of dirty talk, so before you really know what your cam girl is like and what she’s down for, keep the dirty talk generic. Unless you’re on a dom/sub specific sexy webcam chat site, that kind of dirty talk might not fly with the cam girl you’re talking to, so be safe and keep it dirty and only slightly raunchy.

Request Props

Want to see her use a toy? Tell her! It’s almost a guarantee that any cam girl has her own collection of different sex toys, so give her a reason to use them for you! Things get boring after a while if she’s just using her hands – for you and her her, so get toys involved ASAP! Ask to see what she has, then pick out a few that you’d like to see her use for you. Choose more than one to keep things interesting; there can’t be a lull in the sexy fun if there’s always a new toy to move onto. Pick an anal toy, if you’re into anal, a dildo or vibrator, and then let her choose her favorite one to finish with. Getting involved in these parts of a sexy webcam chat make the experience that much better for you and your cam girl, so don’t hesitate to do it.

There’s now a vibrator available that you can send to your favorite cam girl that lets you remotely control it while she uses it! Send her one of these to use and make your sexy webcam chat better than you could ever experience with literally any other kind of porn. If you can’t send her anything, then ask her if she’d be willing to buy one that you want to see her use, but she might not have yet. You’d be surprised at how willing cam girls are to please their regulars.

Describe Your Fantasy

If you feel like you’re running out of things to say dirty talk-wise, start describing one of your fantasies. Aside from keeping your sexy webcam chat going, you can see how your cam girl reacts. She might be really into the idea and what you’re describing, enough that she’d want to act it out with you. This is a good, sneaky way to secure a future sexy webcam chat with this cam girl, so if you want to become a regular of hers, this is one way to start! Be descriptive too. Don’t worry about being too raunchy. Being too vague is no fun, so don’t be afraid to totally let loose and say it how you want to see it. You’ve already established a good client relationship with your cam girl by this point, so as long as it’s part of the mood and what’s going on in your sexy webcam chat, unleash the dirtiest talk you can to tell her about your deepest, hottest sexual fantasies.

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