Flirt4Free Review | The Best Cam Girl Site I’ve Been On

Flirt4Free Review | The Best Cam Girl Site I’ve Been On

Flirt4Free Review | The Best Cam Girl Site I’ve Been On

I have been a regular on several other webcam chat sites in the past, but is by far the best cam girl site I have ever been on before. It is really easy to use and understand and there is always a huge variety of girls online at any given time of the day or night. They also have couples and guys too, if that is what you are into, but don’t worry—the homepage is all ladies!


Signing Up

It doesn’t take much to sign up for Flirt4Free. At first, you just need a username, password, and email address. You only have to add you credit card information later on if you want to start purchasing credits. The good news is that when you first sign up for Flirt4Free you get 120 credits for FREE to start you off. This is a really great way to get a feel for the site and how it works before committing to it, which I liked a lot.

My Results

I have had great results on Flirt4Free! I have no plans leave any time soon, so my results are only going to climb from here, but here are my results as of right this moment.

  • Joined 13 open rooms.
  • Purchased 4 private shows.
  • Watched 21 videos.
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Value: 9.5/10
  • Enjoyment: 10/10

I watched a cam girl in one open room before I signed up and I probably joined three or four more before I decided to purchase a private shows for myself. Both the free public open rooms and the private one-on-one shows were very satisfying and exactly what I was looking for. I really can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with Flirt4Free. Also, to explain the 21 videos: if you sign up for Flirt4Free’s VIP membership, you will also get access to thousands of pre-recorded videos from cam girls and recorded videos of past public and private shows. These videos are just like voyeuristic porn, which is great to have around when you just want to catch some quick action. So far I have only watched 21 videos, but I’ve enjoyed all of them thoroughly and been able to get off multiple times.

The Good

I would honestly say that everything on Flirt4Free is legit, awesome, and “good”! There is nothing I have experienced on this site that I haven’t been impressed with. Here are some highlights though, so you can tell what you will be getting:

  • Lots Of Categories:Flirt4Free has over 60 categories to choose from when you are browsing all of their live shows. This is both super handy if you know exactly what you are looking for, and very useful if you are looking to try out something new.
  • Amazing Performers: All the cam girls I have watched on Flirt4Free have been very impressive. Many of the performers have been showing off skills and talents that I would have never thought of before, but that I now look forward to seeing whenever they are online. They all have very reasonable fees for private shows and are very helpful and accommodating when it comes to tailoring a private show just for you.
  • Kiiroo: I haven’t personally tried this out yet, but Flirt4Free has this awesome thing called Kiiroo where you can get their specially made Fleshlight-type device and have it hooked up to the site so that when you have private shows with a cam girl they can control it and it’s just like they are touching you from across the world. I can’t wait to get mine and try it out. Oh, and if a cam girl has the dildo version of the Kiiroo, you can control her pleasure, too!
  • Award Winning: Flirt4Free has won awards from five awards from the XBiz Adult Web Awards, as well as awards from the Cybersocket Web Awards, and the AVN Online Awards. You don’t win awards for being the worst, so this has to be a “good”!
  • Safe, Secure, and Discreet: prides themselves on keeping all your information and safe and secure and maintain discretion as you use their site. It definitely puts your mind at ease if you have encountered a webcam chat site scam in the past.


The Bad

There is not a lot of bad stuff to say about Flirt4Free, especially if you joined up as a member, but I do have one warning for those who plan on using Flirt4Free without a membership:

  • Limited Free Shows: If you are watching an open room on Flirt4Free without a signing up, you will get kicked out after a certain amount of time. This can be very frustrating if you were using the broadcast for… you know… and then get kicked off right when you need it the most. Luckily, as long as you sign up you can join open rooms for an unlimited amount of time, so just take the minute or two you need to sign up and you will be fine.

Tips For Success

I have found a lot of success on Flirt4Free without really trying. It’s a very simple site with a simple concept and lots of amazing people who want everyone to succeed. I do have one simple tip that not everyone may think of though:

  • Follow Flirt4Free Social Media: Flirt4Free gives out a lot of discount codes and deals on their social media accounts, so it is worth your time and money to give them a follow. Even if you only check out their channels once a week or so, you are likely to get good deals on credits or even offers for free credits which you can use to tip and pay cam girls on the site.

Useful Approaches

You really have to go out of your way to be unsuccessful on Flirt4Free. The tips I have in terms of “useful approaches” are honestly just common sense. Or, at least, I hope they are common sense. Read them, and if you weren’t already doing these things… start.

  • Don’t Be A Dick: As far as I am concerned, this is a useful approach to life in general, but I digress. Being a dick to a cam girl is the fastest way to get yourself blocked from their room and lose any chance of getting what you came to their room for in the first place. Think about how you react when someone is a dick to you. Yeah, cam girls feel the same way. If you are nice, respectful, and mindful, they are much more likely to be
  • Pay Your Cam Girl: If you are looking to purchase a private show, pay your cam girl what she is asking or look for a cheaper cam girl. If you haggle with her all you are going to succeed at is having a less than stellar show. If you are watching a public show, tip your cam girl when she is doing something you like or give her a tip when you request that she do something. It is a common courtesy and it will make you stand out against all the non-tippers in a cam girl’s eyes.

Conclusion is my favorite cam girl site of all time! It has so many amazing women online performing at any time of the day or night, it is simple and easy to use, and it has incredible value. I really, really love this site and I hope that this review inspires at least one person to take the plunge and change their lives for the better. I couldn’t imagine my life without Flirt4Free.