The Hottest Place In The World For Cam Girls Is…

The Hottest Place In The World For Cam Girls Is…

Have you ever thought about where the hottest place in the world is for cam girls? Find out here in TopWebcamChatSites’ special investigative blog entry!

So, Where IS The Hottest Place In The World For Cam Girls?!

Let’s just cut to the chase: we are talking about Latin America here. Latin America has always been behind North America when it comes to the internet and so it has only recently caught up to us in the webcam chat site industry. Once it hit though, it surged and is now quickly on its way surpassing the huge industry we have created here.

Colombia Houses 98% Of All Latin Cam Models

That means that if you see a latin or hispanic model on a webcam chat site, there is 98% chance that they are broadcasting from Colombia. The other 2% comes from Mexico and Brazil. In the last five years, Colombia specifically has experienced a huge surge in its cam girl industry. Webcam studios in Colombia have reported that they employ approximately 30,000 performers, while more than a thousand are reported to work from home.

Why Latin America Will Benefit From Colombia’s Boom

Latin American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile currently have little to no cam girl industry and Colombia has a $10 billion webcam chat site business plan that is bursting to expand. Ricardo Bedoya, who runs a cam girl studio and manages 2,300 performers in Colombia, says the market is “still underexploited in Latin America.” These other Latin American countries have recently received improved bandwidth and internet connectivity and, combined with their lack of government regulation on sex work and their large unemployment rates, this makes them prime spots for the cam girl industry to take off like never before!

What Is Their Plan?

Colombia’s largest cam girl studio, AJ Studios, is looking to franchise their business and open up shop in several other Latin American countries and scale up massively. The goal which they are aiming to reach is to have more of the cam girl industry in Latin America than in Romania (which is currently where approximately 60% of the webcam chat site market is located currently). Latin America also has a population that is twice as big as that of the United States so there is a huge potential market of viewers there as well. This is especially true because of the emerging mobile market, with hundreds of millions of new smart phone users

Companies like Mojo Host (a web hosting company which houses over 100,000 porn and webcam chat sites) and Streamate (one of the biggest cam girl sites online—and one of our top rated—with over 1.5 billion clicks per month) are counting on the growth in Latin America so that they too can grow. Streamate, for example, hopes to increase its growth by five times as much in the next few years.

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