EveCam Review | This Cam Girl Site SUCKS Big Time!

EveCam Review | This Cam Girl Site SUCKS Big Time!

EveCam Review | This Cam Girl Site SUCKS Big Time!

EveCam.com sucks with a captial ‘S’! The prices they charge are outrageous and the girls are lackluster at best! I do not recommend this cam girls site! Seriously, even if you are the most desperate guy out there, there are way better sites for you to join than Eve Cam. I would never, ever recommend this site to anyone I know, or even people I don’t know. If you are looking for a good webcam chat site, then it is best to keep looking, my friend.


Signing Up

Signing up on EveCam is easy, but I think they probably make it that way on purpose to draw you in faster. All you need is a username, a password, and an email address in order to create a user account. You can also sign up using your Google account, which I thought was weird, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Once you have an account though, EveCam will never let you forget that you can upgrade your account by giving them your credit card information. It’s honestly the most annoying thing I have ever experienced on any site, ever. It never ends until you give in an give them your credit card information. It is just pop-up after pop-up after pop-up!

My Results

I watched well over a dozen free public shows and every single one of them (which were all listed on the top when I sorted the shows by “most popular”, by the way) was boring as hell! The girls just sit there, fully dressed, and don’t even seem to react any differently when they get tips. It would not surprise me to learn that these were not even live video feeds, to be honest. These are the least excited and least interested webcam girls I have seen on any of the webcam chat sites I have been on.

At this point, after being so bored with so many public shows, I finally gave in and entered my credit card information, which as it turns out was a HUGE mistake. I only watched one private show, but when I checked my credit card charges online the next day they had charged me for three private shows!! What the f&%k?! I called their customer service line for an hour and could never get through even though the EveCam sites says that their phones are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yeah, right! Who knows… maybe they actually are and there are just so many people complaining so often all the time that the phone lines are never free. Whatever the reason, it is absolutely unacceptable in my books. To date I’ve also sent them over 14 emails, none of which they have responded to.

  • Watched 12+ public shows
  • Watched one private show
  • Was charged for 3 private shows
  • Had zero good experiences
  • Had the worst experience with customer service

The Good

I honestly don’t have one good thing to say about EveCam and their terrible website, performers, and customer service. Everything about this site is bad. BAD. BAD. BAD.

The Bad

I think I kind of covered it all up above, but I guess I can summarize my thoughts again…

  • Sneaky Credit Card Charges: As I said before, I only watched one private show and I was charged for THREE. There is some shady shit going down with Eve Cam’s billing and it is not something you want to get involved with.
  • Boring (Possibly Fake) Performers: None of the cam girls seem to care that they have an audience or that that audience is giving them money. They don’t seem to react to the chat or tips at all, really, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were pre-recorded video feeds.
  • Terrible Customer Service: After an hour of straight calling and sending over 14 emails, I have still never been able to get in contact with EveCam.com’s customer service department. They claim they are available 24/7, but I have never seen proof of it.


This whole site is nothing but a big EveCam scam meant to take your credit card information and steal money from you that you didn’t want to spend. Do not join this site. I repeat: DO. NOT. JOIN. THIS. SITE.

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