Chaturbate Review | 100% Best Webcam Chat Site Ever!

Chaturbate Review | 100% Best Webcam Chat Site Ever!

Chaturbate Review | 100% Best Webcam Chat Site Ever! is, hands down, the best webcam chat site I have ever been on… and I’ve been on a lot! All the cam girls I have met have been amazing. Each one of the Chaturbate features has been a useful and handy part of my site use. Every chat room seems like a close-knit community. Every time that I log off, I am already thinking about the next time I will be able to get online. I just simply love this site and love spending time on it. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Signing Up

You actually don’t even need to sign up for Chaturbate in order to use it. You can view all of their cam girls (or cam boys, or cam couples, depending on what you are into) without ever signing up. If you don’t sign up, however, you will be unable to participate in chats, tip cam girls, spy on private shows, purchase photos or videos from cam girls, or purchase your own private shows. It seems great at first, not having to go through the sign up process, but soon enough you will find a reason why you want to become a member. For me, it was because I wanted to be able to chat with the cam girls one-on-one and be able to give them tips in exchange for some request I had. After that, I realized how much more I could do with an account and that got me really excited. I’m getting ahead of myself though. If, or more likely when, you decide to sign up for Chaturbate, all you need to enter is your email address, birthday, and gender. You don’t even have to add your credit card information unless, or until, you want to make purchases. If you just want to have your own account and do some chatting, you don’t have to give any payment information. Be warned, however, that you will show up a “grey” username, which indicates to performers that you are a member who has no tokens.

My Results

I am still currently a member on and I do not plan on leaving any time soon, but here are my results right now at the time that I am writing this.

  • Watched 17 public shows.
  • Watched 5 private shows.
  • Spied on 1 private show.
  • Purchased 4 photo sets.
  • Purchased 5 videos.
  • Joined 3 fan clubs.
  • Overall Satisfaction: 5/5.
  • Overall Value: 5/5.

I probably watched about two or three public shows on Chaturbate before I signed up. I really wanted to be able to participate in the chats and tip the girls that impressed me. Once I was a member I purchased a bunch of tokens and used them to pay for pics, videos, spying on private shows, and getting private shows of my own. Overall, everything I did (and still do) on Chaturbate has been very satisfying and well worth the money I have spent. Again, I cannot recommend highly enough!

The Good

Here’s what I have for “the good” on Chaturbate

  • FREE!: On Chaturbate, you can watch cam girl shows for 100% absolutely FREE!
  • Quality Cam Girls: All the performers on are top notch! Every show I have watched has been awesome.
  • Features: Chaturbate has very strong features that make using the site easy, fun, and helpful.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Chaturbate has something they call the “Support Center” where you can go and find out the answers to almost any question you have about the site or how to use it. From this area you can also contact their support staff directly, although I have never needed to for any reason.


The Bad

Bad? Hardly. Chaturbate is not really the kind of site that you can separate into “good” and “bad”, simply because there is nothing “bad” about it at all! Even in the worst case scenario, I would call any issue with Chaturbate a minor annoyance before I ever said it was an aspect of the site that I consider “bad”. For the sake of argument though, I will try to think from someone else’s perspective and tell you about the one thing that might annoy me if I was a different member of Chaturbate:

  • Ads: There aren’t a ton of ads on Chaturbate, really. Once you have been on the site for more than 5 minutes you won’t even notice them anymore. But, that does not change the fact that they are there. Along the top, bottom, and right side of every page on Chaturbate you will find ads. These ads are mostly trying to get you to click on them and go to a porn site (which is silly because cam girls are so much better than porn), so they are nothing you haven’t seen before. There are no pop-up ads though, which is refreshing! BUT WAIT, THERE’S A CATCH! As soon as you sign up and become a Chaturbate member, all those ads disappear! You still don’t need to spend any money if you don’t want to, but just having an account makes this minor annoyance flutter away.
  • Browser Incompatibility: Chaturbate recommends that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when accessing their site, because apparently other browsers “may have issues” with What these issues are, I have no idea—I use Google Chrome. But perhaps there is a chance that if you were looking at Chaturbate on another browser you may have other “bad” aspects.

Tips For Success

Here is my #1 tip for success on Chaturbate

  • Purchase Some Tokens: Even if you never plan on using them, you should purchase some tokens for your account. The reason I say this is because Chaturbate shows usernames in chats as different colors depending on whether they have tokens and whether they have recently tipped any cam girls on the site. “Grey” members are the most common and the most likely to be ignored by performers because it means you have no tokens to offer. If you purchase tokens you will show up as at least a “light blue” member, and cam girls are more likely to give you the time of day. For reference: grey members have no tokens, light blue members have tokens, dark blue members have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past two weeks, light purple members have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past two weeks, and dark purple members have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the past two weeks.

Useful Approaches

This section kind of seems the same as “Tips For Success”, but here’s what I would say are my “useful approaches…

  • Be Nice: Cam girls don’t like guys who are dicks, especially if you have no tokens to offer. Just be nice and you will do much better on this site.
  • Be Respectful: This goes hand in hand with being nice. Cam girls are human beings who deserve respect just like anybody else. Plus, they are much more likely to do as you ask if you are respectful instead of gross, lewd, or condescending.


I have been on a lot of webcam chat sites in my day and Chaturbate is by far the best of them all! As I have said twice already, I cannot recommend this site enough! If you are thinking about joining a webcam chat site, is legit, a great value, and full of the best cam girls online!