Step #8: How To Avoid Offending The Cam Girl On A Free Nude Webcam Chat

Step #8: How To Avoid Offending The Cam Girl On A Free Nude Webcam Chat

You want your free nude webcam chat session to go well, so you need to know how to avoid offending the cam girl. That’s where we come in with step eight! We tell you what not to say to a cam girl, and offer a couple of tips on how to keep her happy while she’s keeping you happy. Keep in mind that if you’re using a free nude webcam chat site, you may not have the same perks as you would using paid sites. The quality isn’t any less stellar, but the girls aren’t always willing to go as far as they would if they were getting paid. Tips always help in this situation. Here are the top four things that you should avoid doing in order to not offend your cam girl.

Don’t Condescend Her

At no point in time, on any free nude webcam chat site or otherwise, should you speak to her in a condescending manner. Don’t imply that you’re better then her because of her career choice – she just might be making more money than you are! Don’t talk down to her either. Passive aggressive attitudes are a huge no-no because they always end in offence on the receiving end of the encounter. Asking her if she has daddy issues also falls into this category, because you’re essentially saying that something’s wrong with her which forced her into her job as a cam girl, when that’s just simply not true. The majority of cam girls online, even on free nude webcam chat sites, are there because they want to be. They’re sexual women, who have recognized that there’s a ton of money to be made in this line of work. Cam girls can make upwards of $100,000 in less than a single year, so don’t underestimate her – she knows what she’s doing.

Ask, Don’t Demand

This is key for a free nude webcam chat – never make demands of a cam girl that you don’t intend to pay. Unless you’re tipping very generously, you have no claim to what she’s doing, and she isn’t required to do what you say. You aren’t the only person watching these free nude webcam chat sessions, and there’s a lot of guys who are also making requests, and she’s much more likely to do something that’s been asked of her then demanded. It’s a very different story if you’re having a private webcam session with a cam girl because that’s tailored to your personal tastes and you’re very much a part of that action. Those sessions involved payment, so the cam girls have much more incentive to make you happy. This isn’t the case with a free nude webcam chat sessions. These are public shows that involved the cam girl and she can choose whether or not she wants to take requests. Demanding things will get you nowhere.

No Name Calling

Name calling is really only ok when you’re in a private and/or paid show. If you aren’t paying the cam girl anything, then the name calling isn’t so much dirty talk as it is rude. You can get away with a hell of a lot more as a paying customer, so remember that when you run into any limitations on a free nude webcam chat site. Calling her a slut or a bitch in this scenario is more offensive and insulting then it is sexy, so just don’t do it during these kinds of shows.

If you want to call her names like that – maybe dirty talk gets you off – then pay for a private cam session, but don’t expect to get positive results in doing that during a free nude webcam chat. It’s also not a great thing to do because it encourages other people who are watching the free nude webcam chat show to do it too. If they think they can get away with it, all hell would break loose and the cam girl would just log off – nobody wants that! Keep your super dirty thoughts to yourself in these chats and call her whatever names you want to in your head.

No Silent Watching

Cam girls hate this kind of free nude webcam chat user – they click on and simply watch, but don’t interact in any way with the cam girl. If a cam girl talks to you or tries to initiate conversation never ignore them. Part of her job is to interact with her viewers while she’s performing, and it’s just plain rude to ignore the star of the show. She will most definitely block you if you do this, especially if you make it a habit on free nude webcam chat sites. Sure, the show is free, but she still appreciate and works for the tips, so if you’re going to watch and not interact directly, at the very least make sure you tip her.

Watching a free nude webcam chat show without saying anything to the cam girl (especially ignoring her – don’t ever do that), and then not tipping is the worst thing that you can do on these sites. It’s the best way to black listed from that site, as well as other affiliated sites. Cam girls will block you as well so you’ll find it impossible to get a free nude webcam chat show ever again. Be a good person and interact, or at least tip!

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